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    we create powerful bots to support the clinical journey of all stakeholders

    Consumer Bots



    designed to engage your customers in a conversation about their health - including educational and informational assets about their condition and treatment options.


    through this value based relationship - there is an opportunity to identify prospective customers, have them assess product benefit, and then prepare them to have actionable conversations with their physicians.

    Patient Bots


    created to support your patients through a continuous personalized conversation that drives product start, compliance, refill, and most importantly - outcomes.


    these bots ensure that patients are well educated about their condition and the need to adhere to both lifestyle ad medication treatment plans.


    we maximize the opportunity of success with your patients by leveraging a range of powerful functionalities including; personalized medication reminders, trackers, and visual dashboards.

    Doctor Bots

    self service


    deepen relationships by providing real time answers to any question, or request, that your physicians, or other Healthcare professionals might have.


    our on demand bots support both personal and non-personal selling models - maximizing the value of your existing rep force - while creating a personalized touch point that can be accessed at clinic, in transit, or at home.

  • Education


    By delivering bite-sized education, reminders, and tracker messages that are engaging and personalized, the solution grabs attention and delivers behaviour change. The platform has been designed to support your patients – by delivering personalized content and functionality at the right time based on their unique health journey.




    Convenient / Friction Free


    They are already on Facebook Messenger or Slack - or even on your web site. All your customer needs to do is search for your bot (by name) - just as they would search for a friend. No new apps to download. No new program UX to get used to. Everything is a conversation!




    Dashboard - Reminders - Trackers


    Our platform helps patients set up alerts to help stay on track with their medication(s), doctors appointments, and anything else they need to remember. Managing their health is a lot of work, and we want to help keep them on track.​


  • Team

    Alexandra Reeves

    Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

    Lexi Kaplin


    Chief Product Officer

    Neira Hodzic

    Director of Operations

    Elena Serebryany

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dean Mannella

    Tech & Product Strategist

    Gurminder Kandola

    Tech & Product Strategist

    Dr. Tara Zadeh

    Medical Content Lead

    Dr. Lorraine Philp

    Medical Content Lead

    Shwen Gwee

    Lead Pharma Advisor

    Dr. John Reeves

    Partner, CMO













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