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    Teen Health


    your friend who knows it all when it comes to health and wellness
    and they want to chat with you about it

    emojiHEALTH is a chat bot that harnesses the power of visual communication to activate patients to better health and wellness by sending them exciting, informative and interesting messages a few times a week.

    Bots are directed to teens, adults and seniors respectively - find out more by visiting the bot on Facebook!


    IBD - Diabetes - Depression - More

    because patients cannot be activated to manage their condition -if they aren't educated


    our condition-specific bots act as support to patients by leading them through a journey on learning how to treat and manage their condition. These journeys can also be applied to branded bots for specific medications.

    - Coming Soon -



    Sales - Support - Education

    we can work with you to create a custom solution for your business

    messageMD delivers a non personal selling model that increases the value of your salesforce by creating an on demand solution that instantly connects your HCPs into the information and services designed to make them the best practitioners possible

    let's work together to build a solution for your team, email hello@emojihealth.com to find out how we can help

  • Education

    By delivering bite-sized education, reminders, and tracker messages that are engaging and personalized, the solution grabs attention and delivers behaviour change. The platform has been designed to support your patients – by delivering personalized content and functionality at the right time based on their unique health journey.


    They are already on Facebook Messenger or Kik or Slack. All your patient has to do is search us in your contacts or in the bot store. No new apps to download. No new program UX to get used to. Everything is a conversation :-)​

    Dashboard - Reminders - Trackers

    Our platform helps patients set up alerts to help stay on track with their medication(s), doctors appointments, and anything else they need to remember. Managing their health is a lot of work, and we want to help keep them on track.​

  • What our chatbots look like

    Quick, fun conversations about your health

  • start a conversation

    it's as easy as ...1 ...2 ...3!!

    1) go to Facebook Messenger

    2) Search for one of our chatbots

    try EmojiHealth 😊

    3) Click to start a conversation

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    Whether you want to sponsor a condition, build a custom solution, or just get involved, let us know if you want to work together one of our solutions!

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