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Digitally Engage Healthcare Providers with VirtualRep





On Demand Services at the Moment of Need

Create personalized near human interactions with prescribers via medically trained natural language processing, contextual artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning.



Drive Reach, Conversion and Lift with VirtualRep

As the partner of choice for 190 global brands to power over 1 billion conversations with 97% accuracy, we’re transforming the way the healthcare and life sciences industry engages with physicians.




Access to Health Care Providers Is Rapidly Declining


of HCPs refuse to engage field rep visits at their practices


Average time a field rep is afforded by an HCP for an in-person visit


Average number of field rep touches experience by an HCP



VirtualRep Is the Standard for Augmenting Commercial Teams


Drive Reach



VirtualRep at a Glance

Offers physicians dynamic, human-like interactions that are 100% compliant when a live resource is not available or required, and provides digital-first, on demand push/pull conversations covering product, condition and diagnostics, as well as self-services including remote detailing, adverse events reporting, and escalation to a human sales representative or medical science liaison.





  • Increase reach, frequency and engagement of high value “see and no see” HCPs and/or expand reach beyond current NPI universe to drive growth

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences, scale conversations, improve satisfaction levels and build meaningful relationships

  • Cover unsupported brands where sales teams don’t exist due to budget constraints or reallocations

  • Scale field sales support with speed and cost efficiently

  • Free human resources for value creation, to focus on more complex inquiries and reduce operational costs

  • Ensure compliance with only validated HCPs


Just a Few of Our Clients



What Our Clients Are Saying

With conversationHEALTH, you’re having a conversation that is very specific, and you’re also getting a lot of insights back. You can’t neglect the always-on aspect – it’s important to fulfill a conversation all the time.
Phillipe Kirby
Digital Capabilities & Analytics Lead
conversationHEALTH is really enabling that empathetic and personal voice to reach certain customers, whether it be patients or providers.
John Baylor
VP Innovation and Strategy
A lot of our customers expect online engagement to be conversational. Instead of stopping an engagement abruptly, why don't we make it conversational so we can help them navigate our content and answer any follow-up questions they have? Making the transition between medical education and information content seamless was also one of the biggest drivers for us choosing conversationHEALTH.
Tommy Kok Annefeldt
Associate Director Third Party Digital Media and Innovation

What Our Clients Are Sharing

MM&M: Using Conversational AI to Transform HCP and Patient Engagement Today


john-baylorJohn Baylor
Innovation and Strategy at Astellas Pharma US


ben-massinghamBen Massingham
VP Head of Transformation and Innovation at Novartis Canada

MM&M: Self-service Capabilities to Drive Commercial and Scientific Engagement and Support Prescribing Behavior


M-BridenbakerMichelle Bridenbaker
Global Medical Information & Medical Operations Expert


S-GweeShwen Gwee
VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy at BMS

NEXT Pharma Summit: Conversational AI – Powering the Next Horizon of Pharma Customer Engagement


wagdy_youssefWagdy Youssef
Senior Director US Medical Communication, Medical Information, Publication & Digital Transformation, Bayer


conversationHEALTH Creates Value by


Increasing HCP Reach and Frequency

 to establish your brand as the treatment of choice via on-demand access to medical information, programs and self-service tools through a differentiated experience.


Improving Patient Outcomes

through medical education and scientific communications on disease interception, diagnostic practices, treatment protocols and off-label use.


Driving Adoption and rX Lift

by optimizing personal and virtual promotional cadences with both analog and digital-first HCPs to drive message uptake, relationship development and Rx behavior.


Do You Want to Learn More?

Discover how conversationHEALTH enables the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences companies to create personalized virtual experiences that exceed the expectations of healthcare providers. Our VirtualRep platform utilizes medically-trained natural language processing, contextual artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning to generate near-human interactions with prescribers at their moment of need. Purpose-built by industry for industry, VirtualRep augments scientific communications, medical affairs and commercial teams to enable more effective disease interception, intervention and health outcomes. As the partner of choice for 190 global brands to power over 1 billion on-demand conversations, we’re transforming the way the pharmaceutical industry engages with physicians. Find out why. Find out now.

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