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VirtualRep Digitally Extends the Power of Conversation



Enabling Greater Accessibility, Improved Responsiveness and Better Outcomes




VirtualRep Is Powered by Conversational AI






  • Easy to build
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Hard to find information
  • Not always searchable


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  • Popular interface
  • "Ask” instead of "search"
  • Long wait times
  • Script-driven




  • Intuitive interface
  • Basic Q&A
  • Menu-button driven
  • Restrictive experience



  • Intuitive experience

  • Detects intent signals

  • Capable of self-learning and adaptation

  • Understands complex, medically-nuanced language

  • Human-like dialogue


VirtualRep Is Not A Chatbot


Health care professionals trust us for good reason. VirtualRep has a 97% accuracy rate.






Medical NLP Engine 

The technology foundation for automating conversations at scale.

  • Clinically-trained NLU and NLG

  • Intent Recognition

  • Supervised Machine Learning

  • Text, TTS and ASR Handling

  • PII and PHI Scrubber

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Conversation Designer 

The cornerstone of human-centered design and the conversational experience.

  • Low Code/No Code

  • Multi-Language Translation

  • UI-UX Configuration

  • Rapid Prototyping and Testing

  • Integration with Next Best Action

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MLR Governance Engine 

Assign business rules to every intent for a superior and compliant user experience.

  • Adverse event and product complaint configurations.

  • Escalation to call center, live chat or human.

  • Automate responses from approved sources and assign local regulatory requirements.

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NLU Training Data

Structured conversational intelligence to assure the highest accuracy.

  • Disease-Product Master Taxonomy for 45 Therapeutic Areas

  • Over 1 Billion HCP and Patient Conversations and Intent Signals

  • Multi Language Semantic Reasoning

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Performance Dashboard

Gauge real time conversational effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes.

  • Descriptive Analytics

  • Conversation Distribution

  • Content Utilization

  • Transcription

  • Satisfaction Scoring

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We Don't Just Rely on Our Technology. 
Conversational Experience Is Always Front and Center.


Do You Want to Learn More?

Discover how conversationHEALTH enables the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences companies to create personalized virtual experiences that exceed the expectations of healthcare providers. Our VirtualRep platform utilizes medically-trained natural language processing, contextual artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning to generate near-human interactions with prescribers at their moment of need. Purpose-built by industry for industry, VirtualRep augments scientific communications, medical affairs and commercial teams to enable more effective disease interception, intervention and health outcomes. As the partner of choice for 190 global brands to power over 1 billion on-demand conversations, we’re transforming the way the pharmaceutical industry engages with physicians. Find out why. Find out now.

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