conversationHEALTH Launches New Product Features to Enhance the Conversational AI Platform Built for the Life Science Industry

December 1st, 2020 (Toronto, ON) - conversationHEALTH, the conversational AI platform for the life sciences industry has launched a number of new updates to their SaaS platform, which now include smart buttons for ease of use, a user satisfaction rating system to provide additional customer insights and an intuitive conversation builder open to clients and their translation agencies, allowing them to easily make edits to conversations in multiple languages.  

“In a digital-first world, the use of conversational AI solutions has accelerated significantly in 2020, and this is no different for the life sciences industry. When our clients are deploying conversational agents to engage with their HCPs, patients and consumers, our new design features will enhance the user experience, drive user engagement, and provide more insights about how users want to engage. In this release of the platform, we are also adding substantially more functionality for scaling a solution across markets and languages, which is key to these global organizations,” notes Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer of conversationHEALTH.

Conversations are the cornerstone of healthcare and are key to health professional-patient engagement, education, and treatment. They are also key to industry-health professional engagement and scientific exchange. As life sciences companies build successful digital strategies to engage with their customers during Covid-19 and beyond, conversationHEALTH is deploying conversational agents for them in order to replace flat text-based web interactions with engaging conversational experiences - answering condition, treatment, and support questions 24/7/365 at the actual moment of need.

“Our AI-powered SaaS platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) – allowing us to build and train product and condition-specific conversational agents that have a superior understanding of nuanced medical questions delivering accurate and compliant conversational responses. The latest changes to our platform incorporate additional systems integrations and enhancements to our conversational algorithms, which in turn allows our clients to more efficiently develop conversation sets and gain rich insights on user needs across chat and voice channels,” states Victor Potapov, Vice President of Engineering, conversationHEALTH.

About conversationHEALTH

conversationHEALTH is a group of life sciences experts, artificial intelligence engineers, software developers, data scientists and conversational architects that, together, are building industry-changing conversational AI solutions. The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform is purpose-built for the life sciences industry, and sets the standard in terms of accuracy and compliance with medically-trained taxonomies, data sets, NLP and technical stack.  The platform also integrates with all major software providers in the life sciences industry, who are deploying conversational agents in clinical trials, medical affairs and commercial lines of business.

conversationHEALTH is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in North America and in Europe. For more information, visit

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