conversationHEALTH Enhances Pharmacovigilance and Gating Capabilities of its SaaS Platform for Life Sciences Companies

June 22, 2021 (Toronto, ON) - conversationHEALTH, the conversational AI platform purpose-built for the Life Sciences industry, has made a number of key updates and additions to their SaaS platform in this Summer ‘21 release.  These include new machine learning (ML) based two-tier adverse event and product complaint handling (AE/PC), and just-in-time(JIT) gating & customizable gating disclaimers. These features are added to the suite of customer configurations that help Life Sciences companies better adapt the platform to specific regional requirements or lines of business needs.

“The speed and breadth at which pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are expanding conversational AI solutions is impressive, driven by the need to engage customers digitally-first and 24/7.  But Life Sciences applications are complex and highly regulated, by line of business, by market and of course by customer type.  Advanced gating features, for example, allow the right audience to access its relevant content and services, with little friction, and enables deep personalization for a human-like experience” notes Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer of conversationHEALTH.


It’s also clear that, post pandemic, health professionals, patients and consumers all want more access to medical and product information, in real time - weekdays, weeknights and weekends - and in the channel of their choice. Life Sciences companies are broadly building out self-service tools and capabilities, and technology like conversational AI is key to augmenting human teams, who can’t scale as quickly, as globally or 24/7.


“As Life Sciences companies expand their conversational AI capabilities across brands, therapeutic areas and markets, they are also taking on more complex and demanding use cases.  It is critical that their AI agents be able to deliver AE/PC handling with human-like accuracy without a human in the loop, e.g. off hours. Our new machine learning-based two-tier AE/PC handling system was developed for that exact purpose - to be medical-legal-regulatory (MLR) compliant, scalable, and available at the customer’s actual moment of need” states Lexi Kaplin, Chief Product Officer of conversationHEALTH.



About conversationHEALTH:

conversationHEALTH is a group of life sciences experts, artificial intelligence engineers, software developers, data scientists and conversational architects that, together, are building industry-changing conversational AI solutions. The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform is purpose-built for the life sciences industry, and sets the standard in terms of accuracy and compliance with medically-trained taxonomies, data sets, NLP and technical stack.  The platform also integrates with all major software providers in the life sciences industry, who are deploying conversational agents in clinical trials, medical affairs and commercial lines of business.


conversationHEALTH is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in North America and in Europe. For more information, visit



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