conversationHEALTH Spring ‘21 Platform Release - Usability and Security Enhancements

April 15, 2021 (Toronto, ON) - conversationHEALTH, the conversational AI platform purpose-built for the Life Sciences industry has launched a number of new updates to their SaaS platform. This includes changes to their Medical Conversation Builder (CB), UI/UX Configuration Module and a streamlined approach to encrypting personally identifiable information (PII). These features will be added to the suite of configurations that make it easier for customers to quickly stand-up conversational agents, for the first time or when expanding across lines of business and geographies.

“This is an exciting update to the conversationHEALTH platform because it includes significant value for all stakeholders - users, regulators, and life science teams. The new features in the Medical Conversation Builder and our UI/UX Configuration Module enable teams to streamline design, approvals and prototyping of their AI Agents at a global scale, with new elements in the Conversation User Interface to seamlessly show references, disclaimers, and safely gather contact information” notes Lexi Kaplin, Chief Product Officer of conversationHEALTH.


In our digital-first world, HCPs, patients, and consumers are looking to engage with life sciences companies for accurate medical information 24/7/365. As all industries develop and adopt intelligent digital solutions, it’s all the more important that life sciences companies help their customers to help themselves, with personalized frictionless tools, at any point in their day, in a human-like way.

“This is something we’ve seen with our customers who manufacture COVID-19vaccines.  They’ve had to deploy solutions that provide human-like customer experience and medical compliance, for HCPs and patients, in text and voice, across geographies, in multiple languages, and at a scale and speed never seen before.  That will absolutely drive HCP, patient, and consumer expectations for other therapeutics” states Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer of conversationHEALTH.

About conversationHEALTH:

conversationHEALTHis a group of life sciences experts, artificial intelligence engineers, software developers, data scientists and conversational architects that, together, are building industry-changing conversational AI solutions. The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform is purpose-built for the life sciences industry and sets the standard in terms of accuracy and compliance with medically-trained taxonomies, data sets, NLP and technical stack.  The platform also integrates with all major software providers in the life sciences industry, who are deploying conversational agents in clinical trials, medical affairs and commercial lines of business.


conversationHEALTH is based in Toronto, Canada with offices in North America and in Europe.


For media inquiries contact:

Jessica Naman

Director of Marketing