Professional Services

Whatever your needs, our professional services team is here to deliver your vision. We will guide you step by step -  from ideation to launch - helping you create powerful, engaging, and robust conversational solutions on-time and on-budget.

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Our Services

Whether you’re looking for full service implementation, or help with a specific phase, we’ve got you covered. No matter the level of service you need, our team of experts are here to make sure your conversational agent is built for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Bringing Your Solutions to Life

Discovery & Alignment

Behind every conversational solution is a dynamic and well-executed strategy. During this phase, we help you discover how a conversational agent can help your customers succeed, while ensuring it complements, supports, and enhances your existing solutions and services.

Conversation Development

Conversations are the driving force behind each of our scalable, robust AI agents. During conversation development, we break down your customer’s unique needs and build up conversations that resonate with your customers. If you’re interested in creating your own conversations, we’ll show you how to leverage our powerful platform and taxonomy to design conversations that matter to your customers and their success.

Integration & Configuration

This is when we bring your conversations to life. With our implementation and deployment service, we can help you apply complementing conversation UX functionalities, complete third party integrations and successfully launch your conversational solution. Whether it’s mobile, web, or banner ads, we ensure each touch point seamlessly connects to one another, creating an integrated, omni-channel experience.

Learnings & Updates

Robust, dynamic conversational agents have an intuitive interface that self-learn and continually adapt to become more complex with human-like dialogue. We continuously evolve upon existing solutions through HCP-supervised machine learning, audits and updates.

Full Service Implementation
and Consulting Services

Full Service Implementation

We’ll build your conversational solution from the ground up. From discovery and strategy, to monitoring and optimization, receive our full support and unparallelled guidance.


Looking for a help taking your current solution to the next level? You’re at the right place. From proof-of-concept validation to conversation creation training, we can help.

Our Teams

Led by the right expertise, you can build and launch your own robust, powerful conversational agent in record time. With our professional services team, you’ll have access to industry leading experts, right at your fingertips. Whether you’re building a conversational agent for clinical trials, medical affairs or commercial lines of business, we can help you build better, faster.

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Technical Development & Quality Assurance