Designed for Each Business Unit

The conversationHEALTH SaaS platform allows healthcare companies and brands to quickly and efficiently bring their business into the conversational age. Everything we do is scalable. Our solutions can be applied across brands, stakeholders, markets, and adapted to additional languages. Your investments are not siloed — but instead drive intelligence across all customer conversations. The ability to leverage a common Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning model across your business drives exceptional user experience and accuracy.



Marketing solutions are designed to improve compliance with new drug prescriptions, drive top-line results, and —where possible—save on costs.

For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs):
We ensure that all your marketing investments get maximum reach, frequency, and impact through a new portfolio of physician touch points including text, voice, and web-based digital human bots.

​​For Consumers and Patients:

Our bots reach your existing patients on their own terms, answering their health questions 24/7. In addition, our bots can initiate critical conversations with patients at the right time in their healthcare journey. Patient Support Programs that leverage the power of health experts can now be scaled to respond through bots that deliver both information that is both on message and empathetic.



Sales solutions are designed to replicate many of the services provided by sales rep through their F2F interactions.  Many of the present, and future, effects of COVID can be addressed though AI powered virtual engagements.

For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs):
This interactive, “pull” solution can complement the existing sales force, acting in concert to increase engagement opportunities - or as required reduce costs by optimizing  the number of in-person sales rep visits. With demand for digital engagement on the rise, we can bring your business into the conversational age quickly and efficiently.





MedInfo solutions are to deliver high-value, branded product information to patients and healthcare professionals with text and/or voice bots powered by the conversationHEALTH SaaS platform, designed specifically for life science companies.

For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs):
Our chatbots provide on and off-label support, manage the complexities of AE awareness, and keep HCPs engaged. The push/pull capability also makes this an ideal platform to gather rich insights, which can inform future decisions.

For Consumers and Patients:

As consumers and patients become more engaged in their healthcare journey, the desire for easily accessible, accurate information also increases. With our conversational AI chatbots, patients and caregivers can access the latest on-label product information with built-in capabilities to detect adverse events.


Medical Affairs

Med Affair solutions are designed for healthcare professionals and complement existing Medical Science Liaison (MSL) interactions. HCPs can access the latest medical and clinical education information

at their moment of need.

For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs):
conversationHEALTH builds enterprise-grade conversational AI solutions that virtualize the traditional physician-MSL interaction. These solutions deliver 24/7 clinical support to customers efficiently and without friction. Whether that be one brand, a franchise, or all products within a company, there are significant cost savings and exceptional user experience benefits.



Clinical Trials

This product is designed to support clinical trial sites, investigators, and participants.

It facilitates trial management and participant engagement, thereby driving trial efficiency and success.

For Subjects and Investigators:

We build conversational AI solutions that support sites, investigators, and patients throughout the Clinical Trial Life Cycle. Conversational AI solutions help run more efficient and effective trials by accelerating screening processes and recruiting, managing participants through their trial phases, or ensuring that investigators and study coordinators have 24/7 access to their study information and support.

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