Educate & empower your HCPs, patients and consumers with conversational AI solutions

From clinical development to commercialization, engage your customers across their journey with conversational agents and voice assistants that are available to answer important disease and product questions 24/7/365. Our solutions are available in multiple languages to support the needs of global enterprise.  

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Marketing Solutions

Health professionals, patients and consumers expect greater access, personalization and timelines of information and resources. Conversational AI has proven powerful in doing just that:

  • Branded product information
  • Condition awareness 
  • Bringing campaigns to life with interactive and engaging content available 24/7/365

Sales Solutions

Sales teams are increasingly challenged to deliver reach, frequency and recency of engagement. Conversational AI has proven powerful in:

  • Increased Coverage
    Vacancy Management
  • Lead Generation
  • 100% compliant detailing experience

Medical Affairs Solutions

Medical Affairs, Information and Education functions are expanding rapidly as health professionals and patients seek greater scientific support. Conversational AI solutions can provide significant capacity, access and automation:

  • Health professional and patient journey insights
  • Digital medical education access and engagement
  • Always-on Medical Information access, on and off label
  • Virtual MSL support, internally and externally facing

Patient Support Program Solutions

Patient Support programs provide much needed information and education for patients and consumers:

  • Disease information and resources
  • Value-add tools and services
  • Access to nurses or other healthcare professionals

Clinical Trials Solutions

More than ever before, launching and conducting clinical trials is challenging. Conversational AI solutions are powerful in engaging both trial participants and investigators:

  • Patient recruiting and pre-screening
  • Patient management and data collection
  • CRA support and facilitation
  • Site and investigator support
  • Digital therapeutics