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AI-Enabled Medical Information: Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Medical information (MI) is rapidly evolving from an exclusively human to an AI-enabled model, providing new opportunities for life sciences, health companies and stakeholders. At the same time that the technology is changing, customer behaviors are rapidly shifting – patients and HCPs across the healthcare ecosystem expect accurate and immediate product information via self-service. For brands to connect with this growing digital-first cohort at scale, conversational AI is needed.

As Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer at conversationHEALTH explains, to create an optimal, enhanced customer experience, people, processes and technology must align with MI and AI. AI technology will free MI experts from routine, repetitive inquiries and tasks, allowing them to focus on challenging cases and value-added activities, building new efficiencies into existing channels. Conversational AI is an integral component of this, as it enables human-like interactions through natural language understanding. 

A virtual AI assistant can manage questions and connect pre-approved content with customers, while also escalating higher-level requests. Ultimately, conversational AI can virtualize interactions across the entire product lifecycle.

Adopting this technology will be key to continuing business as usual over the next decade. Richard predicts that medical information organizations in 2025 will be hybridized around conversational AI, seamlessly integrating both human and AI agents. By giving customers access to 24/7 automated, consistent responses, companies can scale across markets, free-up MI experts, provide information about on and off-label content, and add value through improved customer services. Your customers expect to reach you on their timeline – now you can be there for them, elevating existing support and enabling on-demand services. 

Watch the webinar between Simon Johns, Director, Medical Information and Marketed Product Safety, IQVIA and Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer, conversationHEALTH.

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