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Building Blocks Podcast: Text, Voice and Digital Humans

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to become increasingly reliant on digital, companies must be able to respond to consumers when they’re most receptive to receiving a message – by implementing a conversational AI solution. Just as creating a website legitimized companies in the late 1990s or having an app was a must in the 2010s, interactive AI-based conversations are positioned to fuel the next wave of technology necessary to do business.

For the healthcare industry, relying on any generic chatbot to usher in this technology is too risky – health conversations are high-stakes and there’s no room for error. As Lexi Kaplin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer shares, conversationHEALTH is purpose-built for life sciences and can be tailored for both HCPs and patients. The platform becomes increasingly precise as it is constantly learning from refreshed data — including collaborations with over 20 life science companies globally. This leads to greater accuracy so consumers can connect with answers faster.

With conversations at the heart of every doctor’s visit, conversationHEALTH fills a key gap in the market by opening up an often inaccessible healthcare landscape. Ultimately, conversations impact patients at their exact moment of need and are therefore more valuable than static content. 

Watch the interview hosted by Brendan Herjavec and featuring Lexi Kaplin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of conversationHEALTH. 


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Pull vs. Push: Delivering Exceptional CX in a Digital-First Engagement Model

conversationHEALTH spoke at the NEXT Pharma Summit on the importance of digital customer experience for healthcare. 

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Real Chemistry Acquires conversationHEALTH

Company is transforming the way the health care and life sciences industry engages with physicians, patients and consumers through conversational...

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