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NEXT Normal: Driving Superior Customer Engagement by Augmenting and Virtualizing Field Teams

Customer behavior has fundamentally changed over the last three years, with engagement increasingly digital-first, human second. Leading companies are embracing this change and providing their customers with more convenient, powerful digital touchpoints, many powered by AI. The key is not simply digitizing traditional “push” go-to-market strategies such as an email campaign, but rather, building out a customer-driven “pull” model.

Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer at conversationHEALTH explains that HCPs are primarily reliant on search to find answers (like everyone else). However, the answers they come across on Google aren’t necessarily the most accurate or current, instead they are usually just the most popular. These results often require HCPs to click further and sift through long-form content, doing their own research and cross-validating the source. 

It's clear that HCPs are seeking medical information at the time of need in the channel of their choice – but they’re also looking for bite-size answers. HCPs don’t want another pdf to sort through, they want the right information that can be accessed intuitively 24/7. 

A virtual AI agent is key to achieving this as it can respond to HCPs (and patients) on-demand, scaling conversations – and if it’s unable to respond, a query can be escalated to a human. By being always available and answering correctly at least 98% of the time, brands can drive better experiences through conversational AI, increasing both consumer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Watch the discussion between Richard Marcil, Chief Customer Officer, conversationHEALTH and Erik Prieditis, VP of Pharmaceutical Operations and Digital Strategy, Bayer.


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Pull vs. Push: Delivering Exceptional CX in a Digital-First Engagement Model

conversationHEALTH spoke at the NEXT Pharma Summit on the importance of digital customer experience for healthcare. 

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Real Chemistry Acquires conversationHEALTH

Company is transforming the way the health care and life sciences industry engages with physicians, patients and consumers through conversational...

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